Complex mechanical watchmaking craft - calendar (6)

In the previous articles on the calendar, Xiao Bian were introduced on the perpetual calendar 1. The origin of the calendar 2. Mechanical principles 3. Pass design, and the two recognized top brands of calendar function in the sale of the watch introduced: 4. Patek Philippe 5 .Vacheron Constantin. Calendar is Xiaobian most admired one of the complex mechanical functions, the Friends of the circle of faith in the calendar is also very much. Today on some popular high-end brands launched by a certain artistic characteristics of the perpetual calendar watches to do a superficial introduction. First look at the Richemont Group Langer and Jaeger-LeCoultre these two "pillars" of the perpetual calendar watches. Lange's watch series is divided into five categories according to the design style: ZEITWERK (Owl), Richard Lange, 1815, Saxonia, and Lange 1. Coupled with the brand limited super complex mechanical watch a special category of "masterpieces masterpiece" (Unrivaled Masterpieces). The calendar is mainly in the masterpieces of this category. The figure below this Datograph Perpetual watch, is the calendar and the timing of the two complex functions of the perfect combination. 12 o'clock direction of the big date window highlights the replica watches uk of the Lange descent, hour hand, minute hand and dial when the standard are rose gold material, small seconds in 9 o'clock direction, and day and night display plate and week show plate combination clever Not messy, 3 o'clock direction is jumping 30 minutes time display disk and month with the flat leap year display disk. This watch the timing function is accurate to 1/5 seconds, with a 556 parts, 45 gem of the L952.1 complex movement. Function is complex, and the layout does not seem messy, it is very valuable, seemingly similar to the layout of the design, but a large date window can highlight the characteristics of their own Lange. This watch should win a lot of friends love. In addition to rose gold, there are two kinds of platinum and platinum material. Hong Kong retail stores offer between $ 90-1.3 million. Lange in 2013 also launched a new Grand Complication series of super complex watch. Including large self-ming, three asked, perpetual calendar, double chronograph function. This rolex replica limited to six, allegedly only one year to produce a piece. The next figure in the dial design is not to bring you some new impact? 12-point direction of the month of the parallel leap year and small seconds combined, 6 o'clock direction of the moon disk and 1/5 seconds instantaneous jump time disk combination, and the week and date plate at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock direction, with rose gold Material of the small pointer display. Double chipped a blue steel, a rose gold, controlled by the one-hour direction button. The left side of the case for the calendar adjustment button (March 1, 2001 need to adjust once), the lower left is three asked trigger button. In addition to these two "masterpieces masterpiece", in the Lange 1 this eccentric dial and small seconds for the whole series of design features throughout the famous series, there is a Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar, serial number 720.025, platinum limited 100 pieces of calendar and Tourbillon complex function watch. We have written a detailed tonic article (light poke here), here is no longer said. In the Saxonia series, there is a Langematik Perpetual calendar watch, serial number 310.032 (left figure left). In the 1815 series, there is also a double chronograph timewatch, serial number 421.032 (pictured right). These two watchs give me the feeling is the above two "masterpieces masterpiece" simplified version. In general, in addition to that piece of Lange 1 calendar Tourbillon, the Lange brand of perpetual calendar watch overall design style and dial layout is still relatively follow the Breguet classic layout. Here to look at the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand calendar watch. The product line of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand is also divided according to the design style, including Reverso, Master, Duomètre, Rendez-Vous, Master Extreme, Amvox ) Six main series, as well as Hybrid Mechanica (all six series of super complex mechanical watch) and Extraordinary (jewelry watch) two special series. The perpetual calendar is mainly in the master series of this suits under the series. Master series is divided into Control, Ultra Thin, and Grande Tradition three sub series. First look at the Master Ultra Thin in this ultra-thin perpetual calendar. There are three kinds of steel, platinum, rose gold material, the thickness of 9.3mm, and Vacheron Constantin 43175 comparable. Jaeger-LeCoultre 868 movement for the 336 parts, 46 gems. It is worth mentioning that this stainless steel international price of 20,000 US dollars, that is, 10 million succeed can win a complex function but the design of the fresh calendar. This master's ultra-thin series of highlights is also 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock between the window-type display function, which is 1-2-3-4 such a simple flat leap year or show some more complex Oh Master Control series has two calendar rolex replica watches . The first is the next figure of the 40mm diameter eight-day power reserve calendar watch. Respectively, steel material, platinum version, rose gold version, diamond belt version, diamond-studded rose gold strap version, and a hollow version. Case thickness of 12.1 mm, with 875-440B movement. Another Master Control series under the calendar watch for this number 163842A alarm vibration and calendar combined with complex mechanical watches. You can refer to the watch era of the site's product library link. Master Grande Tradition (Master - Excellence Tradition) This sub-series is a collection of complex watches in the master series. Which numbered 500142A and 500242A these two rose gold and gold material of the calendar Tourbillon complex watch is one of the classic. Hong Kong's offer in the 100 million Hong Kong dollars succeed, but also a good choice. These two movements for the 987 automatic movement. This year is the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand 180 anniversary celebration, this year's double show also launched a very similar to these two Tourbillon calendar watch, number 5046520. Movement with 985 movement, perpetual calendar function and design completely consistent with these two, but tourbillon to "flying tourbillon." Finally, the number of the finale of this article to the two Jaeger-LeCoultre "watch Wang" grade watches. The first is based on 679 parts and 117 gemstones of the Jaeger-LeCoultre movement of the spherical tourbillon series. As well as based on 1406 parts, 99 gem of the 182 movement of the big one from the three asked, Tourbillon calendar complex mechanical watch. Xiao Bian feel that they do not have the ability to read their two in depth, put the two watch the king and the movement on the map below, for the Friends of the appreciation. These two watchs of the calendar dial layout completely abandoned the classic design, but the use of reverse jump pointer to the way. Overall, Xiao Bian feel Lange and Jaeger-LeCoultre brand overall strength similar to some specific watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre art style to be more lively. Lange is more emphasis on the unity of their own brand style.